Control Language Programming for IBM i

By Bryan Meyers and Jim Buck

Since its introduction in 1993, Control Language Programming for the AS/400 has been an integral part of hundreds of AS/400 college courses. The textbook has been a boon to students who plan to initiate careers as AS/400 programming professionals, as well as a must-read reference for programmers already in the workplace. Now Bryan Meyers and Jim Buck have updated this classic text with the publication of Control Language Programming for IBM i.

“Definitely an effective tool in helping me learn and implement CL.” –Eric C.

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Control Language Programming for IBM iThis new book builds upon the success of the original text but brings it up to date with the IBM i 6.1 and later releases for Power systems. The text covers all the basics as well as the latest CL features — including new structured programming capabilities, file processing enhancements, and the Integrated Language Environment (ILE).

Students without previous knowledge of CL will learn the basics quickly. As the book progresses methodically to more complex processes and concepts, it guides readers smoothly toward a professional grasp of CL programming techniques and style. Review questions and hands-on exercises and programming assignments reinforce each chapter’s content. Professional programmers will also find this book useful as a daily CL reference. In additional to 25 chapters covering CL from start to finish, a comprehensive appendix serves as a condensed reference to the CL commands used most often in CL programs. Two other appendices cover the essentials of programming tools and debugging.

Note: This book was originally published by 29th Street Press, MC Press acquired the rights to this book and this is a reprint of that title. Despite different covers, the content of the 29th Street Press version and the new MC Press reprint are the same.

Table of Contents (572 pages)

  1. What is CL?
  2. Control Language Command Names
  3. Command Parameters
  4. The IBM i User Interface
  5. Creating CL Programs
  6. The Structure of a CL Program
  7. Declaring Program Variables
  8. Manipulating Variables with the CHGVAR Command
  9. CL Control Structures
  10. Expressions
  11. Controlling Workflow
  12. Basic Error Handling
  13. Passing Parameters
  14. Retrieving and Changing External Attributes
  15. Files and Data Areas
  16. Advanced Message Handling
  17. Advanced File Techniques
  18. Advanced Command Prompting
  19. Using IBM-Supplied APIs
  20. Displaying and Changing Command Properties
  21. Understanding the Job Log
  22. Understanding the Integrated Language Environment
  23. User-Defined Commands
  24. Command Processing Programs
  25. Advanced Command Facilities


  1. The Most-Often-Used CL Commands
  2. Program Development Tools
  3. Program Testing and Debugging


Paperback: 592 pages
Publisher: MC Press
Date: 1st edition (September 2008, republished September 2011)
10 digit ISBN: 1583473580
13 digit ISBN: 978-1583473580