Introduction to RDi Remote System Explorer

IBM has replaced the traditional IBM i development tools (PDM, SEU, etc.) with Rational Developer for i (RDi). This class shows you how to upgrade your skills from the traditional green screen tools to the new graphical development platform.

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It covers the Remote System Explorer, the LPEX ediitor, screen and design report tools, and the Debug perspective. You’ll learn how to connect RDi (RDP, WDSc) to your IBM i server, organize your development workbench, edit source members, execute server commands, compile programs, and debug programs.

Recommended schedule: 2 days

Who Should Attend
This class is for existing RPG IV programmers who want to understand how to use Rational Developer for Power Systems (RDP, RDi, WDSc) to develop IBM i applications.

In order to successfully complete this course, students should be familiar with the traditional application development tools, including PDM and SEU.

RDP, RDi, or WDSc must be installed on the students’ workstations before the class begins. If the product is not installed, the class will require an additional day (at additional cost).

What You Will Accomplish
At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Connect to the IBM i server using RDP
  • Organize and manage IBM i objects using Remote System Explorer
  • Create filters to customize the programmer’s workbench
  • Run server commands from Remote System Explorer
  • Create and edit source members using the LPEX editor
  • Use the RDP prompter
  • Analyze program structure using the Outline View
  • Compile programs from RDP
  • Debug programs using service entry points and the Debug perspective
  • Design screens and reports using RDP Screen Designer

What You Will Receive
Each student receives:

  • Custom printed handout, containing class notes
  • Completion certificate

Course Outline
The class covers these topics:

  • RDP Overview
  • Connecting to IBM i
  • Using Remote System Explorer
  • Using Table View
  • Executing Commands
  • Managing Jobs with RSE
  • Accessing the IFS
  • Editing Source with the LPEX Editor
  • Using Outline View
  • Designing Screens and Reports with Screen Designer
  • Verifying and Compiling Programs
  • Running Programs
  • Debugging Programs
  • Advanced RSE Tips, Tricks and Plug-ins

Hands-on Labs

  • Connecting to the server
  • Controlling your library list
  • Working with objects using Remote System Explorer
  • Creating connections and filters
  • Creating objects on the server
  • Creating a source member
  • Using Table View
  • Using the LPEX editor
  • Using the prompter, getting help
  • Using Outline View
  • Compiling programs
  • Executing server commands
  • Debugging with service entry points