RPG IV Modules, Procedures & Service Programs

This intermediate class covers the Integrated Language Environment – modular programming, procedures, service programs, and activation groups. This class shows you how to exploit the β€œnew” RPG syntax to take advantage of the benefits of modular procedures, code reuse, and service programs. The class will bring you completely up to date on all the new features of the last few releases. The class goes beyond RPG IV syntax, concentrating on ILE architecture.

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Recommended schedule: 3 days

Who Should Attend This class is for existing RPG IV (ILE RPG/400) programmers who want to learn how to program modern RPG applications using a modular environment.

Prerequisites In order to successfully complete this course, students should have completed the following courses, or have equivalent knowledge/experience:

  • IBM i Concepts and Programming Tools
  • Introduction to RPG IV Programming

What You Will Accomplish At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Write RPG programs using the RPG IV syntax
  • Compile RPG IV programs using the new ILE compile-and-bind model
  • Write reusable, modular procedures
  • Use binding directories effectively
  • Understand the purpose of a prototype and which options to use
  • Package procedures in service programs
  • Maintain service programs
  • Understand activation groups – what they are, what they affect, and how to use them

What You Will Receive Each student receives:

  • Custom printed handout, containing class notes
  • Completion certificate

Course Outline The class covers these topics:

  • RPG IV Syntax Overview
  • Compiling ILE Programs
  • Introduction to Procedures
  • Modular Procedures
  • Using Binding Directories
  • Advanced Prototyping
  • Creating Service Programs
  • Using Binder Language
  • Introduction to Activation Groups

Hands-on Labs

  • Introduction to RPG IV Syntax
  • Introduction to Procedures
  • Modular Procedures
  • More Modular Procedures
  • Building and Maintain Service Programs