ILE RPG IV and IBM i Training
From the Guy Who Wrote the Book

Bryan MeyersWhy settle for an outdated old-school RPG class? Learn the latest state-of-the-art IBM i topics, incorporating today’s best practices. Why accept second-rate trainers? Learn from the experts. Bryan Meyers will demystify the ILE RPG (RPG IV) programming language and the IBM i operating system, used by IBM’s next generation Power Systems servers (as well as iSeries and AS/400). Build a solid foundation with a variety of training environments:

No matter which training option you choose, you’ll be well prepared to advance your skills to take full advantage of all the features and capabilities of today’s IBM i operating system (i5/OS, OS/400).

A long-time technical editor for System iNEWS magazine, Bryan Meyers has written hundreds of articles and tips in leading IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) publications. His books include

In addition to being an accomplished author, Bryan is a sought-after speaker. An expert trainer, he has presented his classes to thousands of executives and programmers in AS/400 and IBM i installations.

While working his way through college as a radio disc jockey, Bryan Meyers became interested in using computers to schedule programs and commercials. That interest started a programming, management and consulting career that has spanned most of the IBM midrange history, from the System/360 through the AS/400, the iSeries and the IBM i operating system. For much of that time, Bryan was the IT director for a large international hospitality franchisor, as well as a frequent contributor to System iNEWS magazine. Today, he presents IBM i training courses worldwide. Call Bryan today, or send him an email.