Online Self-Study Classes

We are proud to announce the availability of affordable, self-guided IBM i and RPG courses from!

These online courses, deliver a focused, cost-effective learning environment directly to your office or home.

  • Participate from your own computer — at home or at work
  • Learn the material on your own schedule, without any time limitations
  • No travel hassles or expenses

There are currently three courses available. For more information about any of these courses, or for instant enrollment, please visit

SQL for RPG ProgrammersILE RPG in Easy BytesIBM i Program Development Tools

IBM i Program Development Tools

This preview course introduces the two main development tools used to develop programs for IBM i:

  • Rational Developer for i (RDi)
  • Programming Development Manager

ILE RPG in Easy Bytes

The ILE RPG in Easy Bytes series is a complete introductory ILE RPG (aka RPG IV) programming self-guided tutorial. This track is appropriate for programmers who need an introduction to the RPG IV language syntax. No previous knowledge of RPG is required.

SQL for RPG Programmers

The SQL for RPG Programmers series, for experienced ILE RPG programmers, shows you how to use industry-standard SQL statements to build an IBM i database. In addition, it covers retrieving, analyzing, manipulating, and modifying your data using SQL. The course will also cover embedding SQL statements into your ILE RPG programs to combine the best of SQL and ILE RPG.